Truth & Lies — Filipino Women Dating Foreigners

A cute and young Filipino woman
  • Local Filipino men don’t want her
  • Her girlfriends also have a foreign partner
  • She is looking to obtain a foreign visa or passport
  • The Filipina wants a better lifestyle
  • She believes a foreigner can bring her business success
  • She requires more wealth to support her Filipino family
  • The Filipina wants to be taken care of and dominated by a white foreign man
  • The Filipino girl is only after money
  • Desperation has driven the girl to date online
  • Lastly, she is just filling in her time with idle online chatting

Failures With Local Filipino Men

Western guy with his Filipina girlfriend.
Would you like to be as happy as he is?

Her Friends Have A Foreigner

She Wants A Visa or Passport

A Better Lifestyle & Money Is A Good Thing

These Pinay girls just want a better lifestyle.

She Wants Success

Family Support

Filipina bikini girl at the beach.
Would you be willing to give some support to her family?
  • When times are tough, the family pulls together to help out.
  • Do you have a big project? The Filipino family comes together for your idea.
  • What about going out for some drinks, with the boys? Your girlfriends’ brothers and nephews will happily go along and take care of you. They’ll also ensure you don’t do anything stupid with other Filipinas.

He Wants Me For His Slave

  • Household chores
  • Sexual preferences and frequency
  • Financial support to her
  • Business help and your required time, if she’s looking to do a start-up

White Means Rich

Pinay girl with a white foreign guy.
Be happy as this guy is. Change her feelings about white guys.

Is She a Desperate Filipina?

  • Is she too clingy?
  • Perhaps she doesn’t perform well in the bedroom
  • Maybe she is burdened with debt or other financial problems
  • What have been the causes of her past relationship failures?

She Might Just Be Filling In Time

Pinay woman laying on a bed.
Some Philippines girls do random chatting to find your true intentions.


Two Filipinas wearing bikinis
Stay happy and enjoy the beauty of a few Filipina girls.


  • To find a life partner is the main reason
  • Curiosity about what a foreigner is like to chat to
  • Her girlfriend has a foreign male partner
  • She thinks a foreigner can cure her problems
  • She wants to talk anonymously
  • First, chat on the website before moving to any instant messaging app
  • What are her real intentions?
  • Uncover her work and relationship history
  • Ask about her family’s stability
  • Never send her any money



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Martin Cooney

Martin Cooney

I've been in the IT Consultancy area for more than 35 years. Currently in SE/Asia. I enjoy travel, Asian food and living a great life.